ISBN 9780099475637,Pack, The

Pack, The


Tom Pow


Random House



Random House

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9780099475637

ISBN-10 0099475634


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)

Adventure Stories,Fiction Dealing With Social Issues,Science Fiction

The Pack is set in a crumbling and dangerous city, following an economic and political collapse, known as the Dead Time. In the Invisible City, the rich inure themselves from danger and threat by electrified fences and hired guards. The poor and the abandoned, segregated in the Forbidden Territories and The Zones, must fend for themselves and, for them, food is hard to come by, and the winters are cruel. The story centres round a group of street children, Victor, Floris and Bradley, their leader. The children are watched over by the Old Woman, and by a pack of dogs that Bradley has befriended, dogs who now see him as their leader and whose loyalty to him is ferocious. Though life in the Zone is hard it is the only life the children know and they dare not venture into the world beyond it. But then Floris is kidnapped and Bradley and Victor have no choice but to set out to rescue her. Their journey leads them into many dangerous territories, and their lives are endangered more than once, but ultimately it is a journey of discovery, and of healing-Though the world of The Packis fictitious many parallels can be drawn between this and our own world.

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