ISBN 9788189975326,Painless Reading Comprehension

Painless Reading Comprehension





Westland Publications

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788189975326

ISBN-10 8189975323


Language (English)

Literature: special interest

Painless Reading Comprehension is a book that shows how reading can be fun, even for those students who dislike reading. Summary Of The Book This book is part of the Painless series from Barrons. The books in this series take the tedium out of learning any subject. It shows how to make a previously painful activity more interesting. Painless Reading Comprehension teaches students how reading a book can be a fun activity. It first identifies the kind of reader they are, whether they are reluctant or willing readers. It also discusses some aids that can help them in their reading and teach them how to retain what they have read. The author explains that just like any strenuous physical activity, reading also needs a few warm up activities. She gives tips on how students can motivate themselves to read. She suggests getting some information about what is to be read and then anticipating what might be contained in the book. She also suggests a few reading aids like graphic organizers. Painless Reading Comprehension also shows how to understand what is being read and how to retain that information. It explains how to identify the context and understand the passages relative to that context. It provides tips to help the students remember what they have read. The author stresses that the reader should go through some parts again if they have not understood it well or cannot remember it. Skimming over a book again helps in refreshing the memory about a book's content. Raising questions about each section and trying to provide the answers also helps increase comprehension skills and also helps commit the content to memory. The author also explains how to tackle multiple choice questions in reading comprehension exercises. She also explains the difference between reading for information and reading for fun. She shows how to use the structure of a textbook to organize the reading process and understand it well. She then reviews the reading aids she introduced earlier in the book, and shows how effective they can be to help the students become better readers. She also suggests that they should find more books to read and gives suggestions on how to find interesting books to read. Painless Reading Comprehension ends by suggesting reading material for teachers and parents that will help them understand why teenagers struggle to read and how to tackle the problem. This book can be useful for students of middle school and high school. About Darolyn E. Jones Darolyn E. Jones is a teacher and a literacy expert. Jones has written another book called The Joyful Experiences of Mothers of Children with Special Needs: An Autoethnographic Study. Darolyn E. Jones is an assistant professor at Ball State University, and previously taught at Indiana University School of English. She was a part of the Anderson University Transition to Teaching Program in the School of Education. She holds a BA from Purdue University, an MS from Indiana University, and an Ed.D. from Ball State University. She is the educational director and co-creator of the Memoir Project in Indiana. Jones has received many awards like Accessibility Faculty Member of the Year, Dr. James H. McElhinney Scholarship, and Teacher of the Year.