ISBN 9788122314205,Palmistry Made Easy

Palmistry Made Easy



Pustak Mahal

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788122314205

ISBN-10 8122314201

Paper Back

Number of Pages 263 Pages
Language (English)

Indian Writing

The book- Palmistry ...made easy is written with the intent to provide proven and useful information to our readers. Step-by-step, this book unfolds the mystery of the human hand. The unique features of the book are:
(i) It is written in very simple English so that the matter is easily digested by the readers of even those countries whose mother tongue is not English.
(ii) Work of both Indian and Western Palmists is given and differences, if any, explained where required.
(iii)Each and every fact is illustrated by a drawing making the subject interesting and easily digestible.
(iv)Emphasis has been placed on the origin and termination of a line leaving nothing to guess.
(v) Three special chapters, namely;
(a) Your chances of becoming a multi­millionaire.
(b) Is your spouse unfaithful?
(c) Divorce, remarriage and reconciliation are written for the benefit of the readers.
A full fledged chapter on human diseases and their management through gems and stones is provided for the first time. To-date, no book contains a subject index. A detailed subject index is provided for the advantage of the readers.
1. Palmistry-Introduction and History
2. Lines and Signs on the Palm
3. Type and Colour of Lines
4. The Hand and Palm
5. The Fingers
6. The Thumb
7. The Nails
8. Seven Types of Hand
9. Mounts on the Palm
10. The Line of Life
11. The Line of Head
12. The Line of Heart
13. The Line of Fate
14. The Line of Sun
15. The Line of Health
16. The Line of Marriage
17. The Line of Children
18. Happy and Unhappy Married Life
19. Divorce, Remarriage and Reconciliation
20. Is Your Spouse Unfaithful?
21. Your Chances of Becoming a Multimillionaire
22. The Girdle of Venus
23. The Bracelets
24. The Travel Line
25. Estimation of Time of an Event
26. Important Signs on the Hand
27. Diseases and Their Management by Gems/Stones
28. Bibliography
29. Subject Index
About the Author: Virendra Prasad Agnihotri
Dr. Virendra Prasad Agnihotri did his M.Sc. and Ph.D. from India. He worked at the G. B. Pant University, Pantnagar, the Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research, Lucknow, Aubum University (USA) and Canada Department of Forestry, Canada. After working for about 7 years in North America, he again joined the Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research, Lucknow as Head, Plant Pathology Department. In 1995, he was elevated to the position of the Director. Dr. Agnihotri developed keen interest in palmistry right from his college days. His interest in Palmistry considerably increased after coming in close contact with Mr. Bhav Nath Bajpai, who told him the basics of palmistry. Dr. Agnihotri has been practicising and doing research in this area for the last 45 years and in this connection he visited countries in Europe, North America, South Asia, South-East-Asia and Arab nations. It was a stimulating and an exhilarating experience for him to interact with Palmists of these countries. The present book is based on the experience Dr. Agnihotri gained in India and abroad, during the last 45 years. The future of Palmistry is very bright as scientists are aptly providing its validity now.

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