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Raymond Moody






Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781846041327

ISBN-10 1846041325


Number of Pages 224 Pages
Language (English)

Biography: general

Few people have the opportunity to change the face of modern medicine. However, Raymond Moody achieved precisely this with the publication in 1975 of Life After Life, which introduced the phrase 'near death experience' (NDE) into popular use. In that bestseller, Dr Moody researched what happens when we die, including the amazing stories of those who have had out-of-body experiences and witnessed the afterlife for themselves. And he has remained at the forefront of investigations into the paranormal ever since. Now, at long last, he has decided to share his discoveries and the story of his own unusual life in this gripping account. Searingly honest and extremely engaging, in Paranormal Dr Moody recalls his pioneering research into NDEs, reincarnation and ghosts. He also exorcises many of his own demons, revealing the trials and tribulations that have beset him personally - nearly driving him to suicide. The autobiography of a truly extraordinary life, Paranormal makes for compulsive reading. About the Author Raymond Moody is a respected psychiatrist, lecturer and researcher, and the leading authority on the near-death experience. He has written several books since the award-winning bestseller Life After Life, including The Light Beyond and Reunited. He has also appeared many times in the media, featuring on the Oprah Winfrey Show and other primetime shows. He travels widely, offering workshops and training for educators, medical professionals and clergy, as well as counselling for individuals.