ISBN 9788124605769,Parivaar - The Art of Living Life

Parivaar - The Art of Living Life



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Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788124605769

ISBN-10 8124605769


Number of Pages 24 Pages
Language (English)


Vasudaiva Kutumbakam -- the world is my family. Indian culture teacher us this motto, i.e. to treat all beings, animate and inanimate, in the world as our family members. Our small family is run by a father and a mother. The father works and earns money, and with it the mother runds the houshold. Both look after the children in the best way possible. In the Hindu pantheon there is a famous family or Parivaar -- that of Lord Shiva comprising his consort Parvati and children Ganesh and Kartik. If we look at the vehicles or vahanas used by this family, we find each one is an enemy or prey of the other, but the composite picture shows a unified family without any sign of animosity. We should take Lord Shivas family as an example. A family togetherness depends upon the role each member plays, and the members sacrifices, devotion to ideals and respect to family values form the ladder to success. The Kogatas have also seen Lord Shivas family as the ideal, and have beautified this book with pleasing illustrations of the divine parents and children in different activities and moods, followed by charming and delightful verses.