ISBN 9788179926802,Path To Happiness & Prosperity

Path To Happiness & Prosperity



Jaico Publishing House

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788179926802

ISBN-10 817992680X


Number of Pages 144 Pages
Language (English)


When we think of money, we imagine that it is an experience and an energy that stands outside of the reality of God. Yet there is nothing in the universe that stands outside of the reality of God, that is not a part of God. Once we understand that money is a part of what God is, our attitude about money changes. We see it as an extension of the glory of God, not the root of all evil. This can produce astonishing results. Essentially, God tells us in Conversations with God that most of us do not understand what abundance really is. We confuse it with money. Yet when we take stock of that in which we truly are abundant, and choose to share it freely with everyone whose life we touch, we find that what we thought was abundance - money - comes to us freely.