ISBN 9788126539451,Pathology: A Practical Manual for Undergraduate Medical Students

Pathology: A Practical Manual for Undergraduate Medical Students



Wiley India Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788126539451

ISBN-10 8126539453

Hard Back

Number of Pages 294 Pages
Language (English)

Medical ethics


Section 1: Introduction to Pathology
1 Basic Principles of Microscopy
2 Introduction to Routine and Special Techniques in Histopathology
3 Autopsy Protocol

Section 2: Hematology
4 Normal Hematopoiesis
5 Routine Venipuncture and Specimen Handling
6 Estimation of Hemoglobin and Red Cell Indices
7 Manual Cell Counts Using Counting Chambers
8 Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
9 Peripheral Blood Smear Preparation and Interpretation
10 Examination of Bone Marrow
11 Automated Hematology
12 Anemia
13 Leukemia
14 Bleeding and Clotting Disorders
15 Immunohematology

Section3: Cytopathology
16 Fine Needle Aspirations and Exfoliative Cytology

Section 4: Clinical Pathology
17 Urine Examination
18 Laboratory Examination of Synovial Fluid
19 Laboratory Examination of Cerebrospinal Fluid
20 Semen Analysis
21 Analysis of Pleural Fluid
22 Analysis of Ascitic Fluid
23 Liver Function Tests
24 Kidney Function Tests
25 Normal Reference Values

Section 5: Systemic Pathology
26 Intracellular Accumulations, Cell Injury and Cell Death
27 Calcification, Pigments and Amyloidosis
28 Acute and Chronic Inflammations
29 Common Infections and Infestations
30 Hemodynamic Disturbances
31 Heart and Blood Vessels
32 The Respiratory System
33 The Gastrointestinal System
34 Diseases of Hepatobiliary System
35 Urogenital System
36 Breast
37 Endocrine System
38 Musculoskeletal System
39 Skin and Mucosa
40 Lymphoreticular System