ISBN 9788183225885,Pehle Ram Phir Kaam

Pehle Ram Phir Kaam


Sir Shree



Manjul Publishing House

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9788183225885

ISBN-10 8183225888


Number of Pages 176 Pages
Language (Hindi)

Indian Writing

Bhakti Shakti Ramayana Path
Identifying Love, work and desire are the great source of knowledge.
The great formula on which life of every human being should be based is Pehle RAM, then Kaam (work). Bharat took the same formula to govern Ayodhya. Laxman was always at service of Ram and Hanuman in his devotion crossed ocean, combusted Lanka and even brought mountain to only bring back sanjeevni medicine.
Along with this, you will discover the Seven super virtues that Sri Rama possessed that made him from ordinary to extraordinary. If one seriously ponders on these virtues then they can be easily incorporated in life. This book has all the nuances and the priceless hidden lessons of Lord Ram's story.
After reading this book your will surely say I hadn't thought that this has such deep rooted meaning.

About the Author

Sirshree is the founder of the Tej Gyan Foundation a unique system for wisdom, that helps one to progress from selfhelp to selfrealization.
He has delivered more than a thousand discourses and written over fifty books. His books have been translated in more than ten languages. Sirshrees retreats have transformed the lives of millions and his teachings have inspired various social initiatives for raising global consciousness.