ISBN 9788190858533,Perfect Genius Class 5 for Olympiads, Maths, EVS, logic, English 2nd Edition

Perfect Genius Class 5 for Olympiads, Maths, EVS, logic, English 2nd Edition


Disha Experts


Disha Publication



Disha Publication

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788190858533

ISBN-10 819085853X


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 1500 Pages
Language (English)

Mathematical logic

Perfect Genius Class 5 For Olympiads, Maths, EVS, Logic, English is part of a series of workbooks to enhance knowledge and skill levels for competitions. The series contains books for Classes 3 to 8.

Summary Of The Book

In every child is the potential for a genius. The unique gifts and talents a child possesses can open up so many new opportunities. But, unless discovered, this potential can go unnoticed, and can be wasted. To give the child every opportunity to develop and realise the promise within themselves, their own talents must be uncovered. Perfect Genius Class 5 For Olympiads, Maths, EVS, Logic, English is a resource that can help in identifying and improving their skills.

A child’s overall development needs to take into consideration many aspects. They have to acquire knowledge about the world around them, learn mathematical skills, acquire scientific knowledge, and develop their language proficiency. They also have to concentrate on improving their reasoning faculty, and also develop social responsibility and understand global concerns regarding the environment.

Perfect Genius Class 5 For Olympiads, Maths, EVS, Logic, English contains a set of 12 workbooks. It covers different areas of knowledge. The syllabus covered is not confined to any specific school board. It covers a broad canvas, taking into consideration the knowledge level and capabilities of a Class 5 student.

The kit contains twelve workbooks and five solution manuals. There are three workbooks each on English Proficiency and Mathematical Aptitude, two on Logical Development and four workbooks on Environmental Studies. In addition, there are five solutions manuals, two for Environmental Studies, and one each for the other sections.

The English section covers grammar and vocabulary, comprehension and composition. The Mathematics section focuses on arithmetic and its applications like measurement, calculating speed and distance, averages, bill, and computing interests. This section also covers geometry. The Logical Development workbooks comprise tests on verbal and non-verbal reasoning. The Environmental Studies section covers subjects like social awareness, human resources, the world, and life science.

They assess how well the children have understood the basic concepts in each subject. They then provide useful feedback to the children, teachers and parents. The feedback can help the students and the adults analyze the skills and find the areas that need more concentration to improve their overall academic performance.