ISBN 9788130920177,Perfect Spelling - 1

Perfect Spelling - 1


Viva Books Pvt Ltd



Viva Books Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788130920177

ISBN-10 8130920174


Language (English)


The more practice children have with concepts taught in school, the more success they find. Perfect Spelling helps teachers and parents give children more practice with basic spelling skills. The exercises in this book can be completed in any order, and they help students:

understand consonant sounds
recognize short vowel sounds
know the most common digraphs sounds and spellings
spell high-frequency words. High-frequency words are the 1,000 words that make up 90 per cent of all written material
spell grade-level-appropriate words
figure out how to write words based on a knowledge of word patterns (also called word families)
Contents: Introduction Spelling Lessons Lesson 1--Spelling Pattern: "an" Lesson 2--Spelling Pattern: "at" Lesson 3--Spelling Pattern: "all" Lesson 4--Spelling Pattern: "ack" Lesson 5--Spelling Pattern: "ed" Lesson 6--Spelling Pattern: "et" Lesson 7--Spelling Pattern: "en" Lesson 8--Spelling Pattern: "ell" Lesson 9--Spelling Pattern: "in" Lesson 10--Spelling Pattern: "it" Lesson 11--Spelling Pattern: "ill" Lesson 12--Spelling Pattern: "ot" Lesson 13--Spelling Pattern: "old" Lesson 14--Spelling Pattern: "un" Lesson 15--Short Words Ending in "e" Lesson 16--The Pair that Stays Together: "qu" Lesson 17--Consonant Digraph: "th" Lesson 18--Consonant Digraph: "ch" Lesson 19--Consonant Digraph: "sh" Lesson 20--The Days of the Week Assessment Answer Key