ISBN 9780070993600,Personality Development

Personality Development



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 1976

ISBN 9780070993600

ISBN-10 0070993602


Number of Pages 503 Pages
Language (English)


This text uses a chronological, life-span perspective to give a complete picture of development from conception to death. The material for the text comes from a summary of the most recent findings of research studies in areas such as medicine, psychology, sociology, education and anthropology. All aspects of development are included, and adequate space is devoted to each to enable students to feel that they are informed of the typical and normal development of each stage. TABLE OF CONTENTS Part I: The Meaning of Personality 1. What Personality Is 2. The Personality Pattern 3. Symbols of Self 4. Molding the Personality Pattern 5. Persistence and Change Part II: Personality Determinants 6. Physical Determinants 7. Intellectual Determinants 8. Emotional Determinants 9. Social Determinants 10. Aspirations and Achievements 11. Sex Determinants 12. Educational Determinants 13. Family Determinants Part III: Evaluation Of Personality 14. Sick Personalities 15. Healthy Personalities Index