ISBN 9788172453503,Personality Development

Personality Development



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788172453503

ISBN-10 8172453507


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One of the critical periods in personality development is childhood, as at that time the mind is extremely sensitive to environmental happenings. Childhood experiences can considerably affect one's personality. The environment we grow up in, including the home environment (with the influence of parents and siblings) and the cultural and social environment, plays an important role in personality development. Heredity and environment interact to influence the development of one's personality. The sum total of the actual or potential behaviour (patterns of the organism, as determined by heredity and environment) originates and develops through the functional interaction of the four main sectors into which these behaviour patterns are organised- the cognitive sector (intelligence], the conative sector (character), the affective sector (temperament] and the somatic sector (constitution). Personality disorders are long-standing patterns of maladaptive behaviour which significantly impairs the individual's ability to function in important areas of life-family, workplace and society. This book deals in detail with all aspects surrounding the development of an individual's personality and will prove to be a boon for all its readers.