ISBN 9788170296638,Peter Norton Guide to Unix

Peter Norton Guide to Unix



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Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788170296638

ISBN-10 8170296633


Language (English)

General studies

Unix is an extremely complex and potentially confusing operating system ,especially to new users. That’s why Peter Norton and Harley Hahn, two respected names in the PC community, have written this guide, providing the novice to intermediate user with an excellent overview of all the key Unix tools.Norton and Hahn look at the world from the user’s perspective,providing a practical, no –nonsense approach To Unix. In clear, easy to understand writing , the authors give you a solid overview of the Unix operating environment. Then there’s a hands –on introduction to the Unix culture and language.You’ll learn:   How to plan Unix to work for you.   How Unix stores and displays information.   What you need to understand and use the Unix file system.   How to use the vi editor   Table of Contents   Acknowledgements   Introduction   1.       What is Unix? 2.       The Unix Connection 3.       A First Look at Unix 4.       How Unix Stores and Displays Information 5.       User Interfaces 6.       The Unix Shells 7.       The Unix Universe 8.       Preparing to Use Unix 9.       Using the Keyboard 10.   Learning Unix Commands 11.   Where to Find Help 12.   Exploring Your System 13.   Controlling Your System 14.   Communicating With Other Users 15.   The Unix Mail System 16.   Introduction to the Unix File System 17.   The Tree Structured File System 18.   Navigating Within the Directory 19.   Maintaining Your Directories 20.   Creating Ordinary Files 21.   Displaying Information About Your Files 22.   Maintaining Ordinary Files 23.   Working with Text Files 24.   Text Processing with Unix 25.   The vi Editor:The Basics 26.   The vi Editor:Displaying Files and Moving the Cursor 27.   The vi Editor :Modifying Text Files 28.   The vi Editor : The Rest of What You Need to Know T 29.   More About Entering Commands 30.   Controlling Input/Output and Combining Commands 31.   Searching ,Sorting, and Comparing