ISBN 9780070223929,Plan and Conduct Effective Meetings: 24 Steps to Generate Meaningful Results

Plan and Conduct Effective Meetings: 24 Steps to Generate Meaningful Results



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780070223929

ISBN-10 0070223920


Language (English)

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eveals how to begin each meeting with a purpose and end with an accomplishment Outlines how to head off time-wasting interpersonal conflicts and turf battles Offers specific strategies for conducting ?virtual? meetings About the Author: Barbara J. Streibel, Ph.D., is a consultant and manager of intellectual capital development at Oriel, Inc., where she is the lead developer of a number of highly regarded management training programs. Table of Content: Introduction: Make meetings effective 01 Use meetings smarter Accept mediocrity 02 Decide?to meet or not Don't think, just meet 03 Set goals, choose means Gather, gavel, and go 04 Decide how to decide Flip a coin 05 Schedule Stay free and loose 06 Pick and prepare Invite everybody 07 Set the scene Schedule and go 08 Assign roles Do it all yourself 09 Start right Jump into the agenda 10 Agree on ground rules Forgo rules 11 Conduct the meeting Go with the flow 12 Inform and discuss Decide quickly and act 13 Direct traffic Choose: control or chaos 14 Work with styles Treat people all the same 15 Get a decision Talk the issue to death 16 Close the meeting Stop and go 17 Evaluate Be glad it?s over 18 Provide minutes Trust memories and mouths 19 Work and improve Schedule and wait 20 Identify causes Ready, fire, aim 21 Get lots of ideas Go with the first idea 22 Evaluate options Flip a coin 23 Decide and plan Pick an option and do it 24 Meet virtually Meet same time, same place