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ISBN 9788178530819

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Computer And Internet

In author David Platt?s view, the next version of the Microsoft .NET Framework will be more revolutionary than evolutionary?-and now you can get a high-level overview to understand and prepare for the future of the Microsoft development platform. What problems can .NET solve? What architectural approaches does it take to solve them? How do the major technologies?including Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0; Web Services Enhancements (WSE); the Compact Framework; and Microsoft Visual Studio? 2005?fit the bigger puzzle? Platt expertly addresses these questions and more in the concise, witty, and ultimately pragmatic style for which he?s known. The book?s written so that readers can decide how deep technically they want to go. Each chapter covers a single topic from the top down, introducing simpler concepts first and then progressing to greater technical detail?meeting the needs of managers, architects, and code-hungry programmers all in a single, eminently readable guide.