ISBN 9788170495000,Plight of Jammu & Kashmir: The Unknown Files

Plight of Jammu & Kashmir: The Unknown Files


G. D. Sharma


Manas Publications



Manas Publications

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788170495000

ISBN-10 8170495008


Number of Pages 552 Pages
Language (English)


From time immemorial Kashmir has a historical tradition unique in South Asia and with few equals in the world, having heterogeneous population because of its relations with Central Asia led to a continuous influx of people. Starting from the ancient history of the State, the book describes various Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Dogra rulers along with details regarding the people and territory of five regions of the State. The British rule in India and after wards the Era of Independence with the creation of Pakistan became the major period of turbulence in Kashmir. The deep-rooted conspiracy hatched by the British rulers which delayed the accession of Jammu and Kashmir by Maharaja Hari Singh, Sheikh Abdullahs launch of `Quit Kashmir movement in 1946 and later on of his rechristianed political party national conference with the slogan of plebiscite before independence and `Kashmiriyat after independence along with his anti-national activities like `Kashmir conspiracy case-all are discussed in detail. The cause of spread of militancy in the State has also been discussed along with orders(ban) imposed on prominent militant organizations which were personally dealt with by the author as chairman of the Tribunal and the judicial verdicts have been reproduced in the book.

The book covers in detail the rule(misrule) of Sheikh Abdullah, Farooq Abdullah, Omar Abdullah and other Chief Ministers, role of judiciary, Agenda of Pakistan, invasion of Kashmir by Pakistan, Kashmir in security council, dream of independent Kashmir etc. etc. favours shown to militants and their organizations by the ruling class of Kashmir have also been discussed. Discrimination with the inhabitants of Jammu region in the right of voting to state assembly and parliament, report of the delimitation commission showing how it is discriminatory and unconstitutional, findings of Gajendragadkar commission, Sikri commission dealing with discrimination with Jammu and Ladakh regions, findings of Wazir Commission showing the creation of districts in the state, framing of the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir, article 370 of the Indian constitutuion and other factors of governance of Jammu and Kashmir etc. etc. are all discussed in details.

The best bakery case of Gujarat along with some other connected matters dealt with in a suo-motto manner by national human rights commission have also been dealt along with militancy related cases of Jammu region including attack on Raghunath Mandir of Jammu and massacre of army family members in large numbers in Kaluchak area of Jammu.

Having discussed all the historical, cultural and political aspects with various ifs and buts, the author suggests a possible solution of Kashmir problem and thus making the book useful for scholar, administrator politician and the common reader concerned with Kashmir in one way or the other.