ISBN 9780074602317,Pneumatic Systems: Principles And Maintenance

Pneumatic Systems: Principles And Maintenance



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 1995

ISBN 9780074602317

ISBN-10 0074602314


Number of Pages 296 Pages
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Pneumatic systems are the class of power systems that utilize compressed air as a working medium to transmit power, and their working principle is similar to hydraulic power systems. Pneumatic technology is now considered highly important in workplace rationalization and automation, from coal mines and old timber works to space robots and modern machine shops. Therefore, Majumdar explains that it is important for engineers and technicians to have a solid understanding of the working of pneumatic systems as well as the factors that attribute to compressed air's behavior. Pneumatic Systems: Principles and Maintenance provides the readers a comprehensive overview of pneumatic systems, from the very basics to advanced concepts that are relevant to practicing engineers. In total, there are 12 chapters in this book. Some chapters include Pneumatic Cylinders and Air Motors, Electrical Controls in Pneumatic Circuits, Basic Pneumatic Circuits, Pneumatic System and Physical Units, and Servicing Compressed Air. Through the course of this book, Majumdar has included several well-illustrated diagrams to explain crucial concepts. Majumdar explains that those who have a clear understanding of force physics and pressure would find it easier to understand these concepts. The concepts are explained so simply that even first line technicians would have no difficulty comprehending the fundamentals of servicing techniques and pneumatic circuit design. Through the course of this book, Majumdar has also dealt with troubleshooting and maintenance of pneumatic systems. He has also provided key insights into pneumatic circuit designs. In each chapter, Majumdar has included maintenance problems that help the readers test their understanding. Pneumatic Systems: Principles and Maintenance is a part of the syllabus for undergraduate engineering students of Mechanical Engineering. About S. R. Majumdar S. R. Majumdar is an author and engineer. Apart from this book, Majumdar has written Oil Hydraulic Systems: Principles And Maintenance. Majumdar completed his college education from Presidency College, Calcutta. He then went on to finish his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from B. E. College, Sibpur, Howrah. He also completed his ME in Production from the Madras Institute of Technology, Chromepet, Madras. He also underwent advanced training in Western Germany and Singapore. Majumdar currently serves as the Director of Training at CSTARI, Kolkata. He has published research papers in journals such as Hydraulics and Pneumatics, and Echo Aus Deutschland. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1. Pneumatic System and Physical Units. Chapter 2. Basic Requirements for Pneumatic System and Pipeline Layout. Chapter 3. Air Compressor. Chapter 4. Servicing Compressed Air. Chapter 5. Pneumatic Cylinders and Air Motors. Chapter 6. Pneumatic Valves. Chapter 7. Basic Pneumatic Circuits. Chapter 8. Hydro-pneumatics. Chapter 9. Fluids and Fluid Logics. Chapter 10. Automation and Principle of Pneumatic Circuit Design. Chapter 11. Electrical Controls in Pneumatic Circuits. Chapter 12. Maintenance and Trouble-Shooting of Pneumatic System. Appendix Index