ISBN 9788188479320,Pointers From Ramesh Balsekar

Pointers From Ramesh Balsekar


Yogi Impressions



Yogi Impressions

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788188479320

ISBN-10 8188479322


Number of Pages 122 Pages
Language (English)

Motivational & Inspirational

Gautam Sachdeva first visited the Advaita sage Ramesh Balsekar in February 2000, and has been attending his talks ever since. Over a period of eight years, he also found himself taking on the role of a publisher, working intimately with Ramesh in the process of publishing some of his books. In May 2007, Gautam wrote an article in Life Positive, India's leading spiritual magazine, as a tribute to Ramesh on his 90th birthday. With the heartwarming response from readers to this article, and Ramesh's suggestion to make it into a booklet, he then put down what he considered the core of the teaching as presented by Ramesh - to seekers from all over the world - in his morning talks. Most of Ramesh's books have been published from his original hand-written notes, or are transcripts of dialogues with seekers. This book is a summation of the core concepts in the "spoken word" of Ramesh, as if he were walking the seeker through his entire teaching in one morning talk. This is what Pointers from Ramesh Balsekar is about - pointers to dealing with life's situations, its pleasures and pains, with equanimity and peace of mind - from one of the world's leading Advaita sages.