ISBN 9788185495217,Political Socialization of Women : Study of Teenager Girls

Political Socialization of Women : Study of Teenager Girls


Atlantic Books



Atlantic Books

Publication Year 1998

ISBN 9788185495217

ISBN-10 8185495211


Number of Pages 212 Pages
Language (English)


The present book which is based on her doctoral thesis "Socialization of girl stuŽdents" was more in the nature of returnŽing to her roots to study the changes that have taken place in the post-indepenŽdence India. Since the soul of India lies in the villages, she took up the study of the most backward states most backward regions to probe the problems and hardŽships encountered by the girl-child in her effort to cope-up with her urban counterŽpart in the changing times. The political, religious, social, economic, educational and cultural background which influence the growth of a girl-child have proved more of a constraint than help. The post-independence Indian society which has progressed leaps and bounds with the help of science and technology-the mass media has come as a boon to the masses; has remained a distant dream for the region.
This study was undertaken to collect first-hand impirical data from the region comprising of Sundergarh, Sambalpur, Bolangir and Kalahandi districts of Western Orissa, much before the state and the nation showed their concern for the deŽvelopment of the girl-child. The present study of the author was to probe the bias perpetuated by the parents against the girl-child. The findings have quiet far-reaching impact. However, the study is just the beginning of unveiling the deŽmonic evils that haunt the society which still refuses to break open the shackles it has put on itself in the form of superstiŽtions, ignorance and illiteracy. The effort should continue whether they be volunŽtary or governmental for the emancipaŽtion of the girl-child.

About Author:
Dr. Jyoshna R. Behera was graduated from the Utkal University. She took her Masters Degree in Political Science from the Sambalpur University. As a U.Q.C. Teacher Fellow, she joined the Berhampur University and was awarded her Ph.D. Degree.
She being a member of the Orissa Education Service has the distinction of working in various colleges. Presently she is head of the department in the Post Graduate Department of Political SciŽence, Govt. College, Sundergarh. CurŽrently she is working on the functioning of bureaucracy as her Post-doctocal research project. She has contributed a member of research papers and articles to the reported journals papers of the country.