ISBN 9788184936841,Ponniyin Selvam (Part - II)

Ponniyin Selvam (Part - II)








Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788184936841

ISBN-10 8184936842


Number of Pages 200 Pages
Language (Tamil)


The story is about the historical events, queer personalities and the ruler of Chola dynasty of Tamilnadu in 10th century A.D. Summary Of The Book Ponniyin Selvan (Part - II) is about Rajaraja Chola who was saved from sinking in river, in childhood by deity Ponni so he was named as Ponniyin Selvan. Prince Aditya Karikalan sends Vandiyathevan who was courageous, bright and handsome man to handover a proclamation to the Chola King. Vandiyathevan travels to Eezham taking help from Poonkuzhali who owns a boat. She saves him from many dangers. In Eezham he reaches Arulmozhiverman, (who became Rajaraja later) gives him the message of Kundavai Devi to come to Pazhayarai. At the same time Azhvar Kandiyar Nambi delivers the address of Prime Minister of Anbil to Prince Arulmozhiverman to stay at Eezham. But brother of the prince had requested him to reach Karachi as early as possible. The prince got bewildered by all the messages; in the meantime the emperor had ordered the arrest of the prince. The prince follows his Father's command and boards the ship while Vandiyathevan was captured by the Arabs in the sea. Suddenly a cyclone hits the ship and a fire is enraged. Arulmozhiverman jumps into the sea to save Vandiyathevan. Both get saved from the fire but entangled by the cyclone. In the dismay of survival, Pookuzhali enters with her boat and saves their life. The novel Ponniyin Selvan (Part II) was written by Kalki in Tamil. The story trades between the Sri Lanka excursion of Ponniyin and Vandiyathevan expedition to Chola region. The story is perfectly fabricated out of romance, suspense, thrill, adventure, betrayal, sorrow, wrath and historical battle. The book was extremely popular with Tamil readers interested in literature. The book was translated in English and adapted for films, stage plays and TV serials. The author had blended his deep historical knowledge with elaborate researches to make the story. About Kalki A freedom fighter and journalist Kalki also named as R. Krishnamurthy. Some of his books are Alai Osai, Magudapathi, Kalvanin Kaadhali, Amara Thara, Parthiban Kanavu, Mohini Theevu etc. He also worked as a film critic and lyricist. Kalki (September 9, 1899- December 5, 1954) was born in a conservative Tamil family. He passed his High school in Trichy. He took part in the Non cooperation movement and joined Congress later. He served as editor to many Tamil newspapers and magazines. He was awarded the Sahitya Akademi award for one of his novel. Kalki had written 4 Historical books, 10 social books and numerous short stories. The mysterious entertaining explanations and thrilling suspense engages his readers to turn the pages.