ISBN 9780333933077,Ponniyin Sevan Part 4- The Crown

Ponniyin Sevan Part 4- The Crown





Macmillan India Ltd

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9780333933077

ISBN-10 0333933079


Number of Pages 283 Pages
Language (English)

Short stories

Mint Ponniyin Sel.. Vol-4-The Crown begins with Prince Aditya Karikala’s journey to Kadambur to meet Queen Nandini, to atone for his rash acts. Terrifying images of the past paired with an unresting conscience begin to torture the prince’s mind. As a result, he becomes suspicious of those around him, even of his messenger, Devan.

Meanwhile in Tanjore, King Chozha agonizes about his sons, unable to comprehend why neither of them wants to return home. He is consumed with despair and confusion. During the king’s distress, Princess Kundavai and the Prime Minister attempt to console him. Unfortunately, he gets entangled in a series of plots at the hands of conspirators who want to take control of the Chozha kingdom.

Through Mint Ponniyin Sel.. Vol-4-The Crown, Krishnamurthy portrays the mental battlefield that is possessed by people in power, such as kings and princes. The author also leads the readers to question whether defeating enemies during a war is a virtuous act or a crime.

There have been several attempts to turn the Ponniyin Selvan series into a film, stage play, and television series. The most notable one was in 2012, when director Mani Ratnam attempted to turn the entire series into a movie, but the project was never completed.

Mint Ponniyin Sel.. Vol-4-The Crown was first published back in the 1950s. This edition is a 2001 reprint. The novel is full of interesting themes such as revenge, territorialism, and pride.