ISBN 9788184517248,Pop-Up Fairy Tales - Ugly Duckling

Pop-Up Fairy Tales - Ugly Duckling



Dreamland Publications

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9788184517248

ISBN-10 8184517246


Number of Pages 12 Pages
Language (English)


The Ugly Duckling (Pop-Up Fairy Tales) is a famous literary fairy tale and considered one of the most popular books amongst young kids. It is written by a famous Danish writer, Hans Christian Andersen who is famous for his heart-warming poems and stories.

The story is beautifully woven around an ugly duckling that lives in a barnyard. He is tortured and abused by other ducklings around him until the day he matures into a beautiful swan and stands with pride as one of the most beautiful ducklings of all. After he hatches from his mother's egg and starts growing he faces much rejection from other birds and wanders sadly away from the barnyard and starts living with some wild duck and geese. After some time he finds a home where lives an old woman but there again he is teased by the woman's cat and hen. So he sets off again in search of a place where is not teased for his looks. After surviving a harsh winter hiding in a cave he throws himself at a flock of swans only to realize that he has grown into a beautiful swan himself. He then spreads his beautiful wings and flies away with his new family.

The first edition of Ugly Duckling (Pop-Up Fairy Tales) was published in 1843. This hardcover edition was published by Dreamland Publications on 2012.