ISBN 9788177227819,Positive Conflict : Transform Opposition Into Innovation

Positive Conflict : Transform Opposition Into Innovation


Dreamtech Press



Dreamtech Press

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788177227819

ISBN-10 8177227815


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)

Academic And Professional

Positive Conflict goes beyond handling workplace conflict; its premise is that conflict is often a sign that creative energy is about to be unleashed. There is positive power inside opposition, just as with the fusion of atoms. When opposing ideas are openly explored, a breakthrough in thinking can occur, which can reveal more comprehensive solutions. And the coming together of these once-opposing forces multiplies the potential for success. If we look past a win-lose mentality, we will see that the flip side of opposition is the opportunity for discovery and innovation. And in business today, we need leaders who can reconcile the seeming exclusivity of competing ideas and fuse them for new and better results. By reading Positive Conflict, you will: Recognize the creative energy inside conflict to unleash the power of opposites. Discover why the optimist's answer to everything is yes--that the issue is not what is right or wrong, but how to synthesize ideas to expand problem-solving options. Help your stakeholders come together in a spirit of partnership to move beyond special interests and personality clashes. Understand that your own conflicting ideas and viewpoints reveal new dimensions of who you are and the range of opportunities that await you.