ISBN 9780434020096,Post Everything

Post Everything


Luke Haines


Random House



Random House

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780434020096

ISBN-10 0434020095

Paper Back

Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)

Non Fiction

Luke Haines' savage and hilarious Bad Vibes became a cult classic, the true story of that most idiotic and shameful of British diseases, 'Britpop'.

Now Haines returns to reveal what happened next, once the dust of the mid-nineties has settled. The Auteurs manage to limp on for a few years until their long-overdue demise, but out of the ashes comes a bold new group, Black Box Recorder, which will take over the world. Aggressive dwarfs are out, tiny annoying dogs are in. And there's even time to appear on Top of the Pops, coordinate the First National Pop Strike, and have another stab at conquering America.

Who misses the glamour of the old crowd when you have Bruce Lee, BIG and a frisky feline friend named Sam the Bad Cat to keep you company? Plus there's still Bono (a moron), Chrissie Hynde (who calls you a nazi) and Philip from Rising Damp. Never mind that one of your songs is a Reggae remix based on a sample of a 70s ditty called 'Rape'. And sod it if the senescent music industry still doesn't understand you. There's always - always - musical theatre.

Blisteringly funny and searingly scathing, Post Everything isn't about what music, Britain and the Godfather of Britpop could have been at the dawn of the century- it's about how they really turned out.

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