ISBN 9788190851206,Postharvest Technology Of Horticultural Crops: Practical Manual Series Vol 02

Postharvest Technology Of Horticultural Crops: Practical Manual Series Vol 02



New India Publishing Agency

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788190851206

ISBN-10 8190851209

Hard Back

Language (English)

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About the Book: Postharvest Technology of Horticultural Crops Postharvest Technology is a very important branch of agriculture and its importance further increases in the field of horticulture, as the horticultural crops are highly perishable in nature. This necessitates undertaking continuous research on the preservation of these perishables. As such, there is no book or manual available which discusses the basics of undertaking laboratory or research experiments on various topics pertaining to the postharvest management of horticultural crops. The students, teachers and researchers often search a direct reference which is complete on the subject for an undergraduate or postgraduate student. Contents 1. Acquaintance with different equipments and machinery used in Postharvest Technology 2.To study the maturity indices in various fruits and vegetables 3. To study the effect of pre-cooling on storage life of fruits and vegetables 4. To study various pre-treatments given to fruits and vegetables before storage and marketing 5. To study low cost storage technology for horticultural crops 6. Extraction and preservation of fruit juices and pulps 7. Preparation of beverages (RTS drink, squash/cordial) 8. Preparation of fruit juice concentrates 9. Preparation of jam 10. Preparation of jelly and marmalade 11. Preparation of lime-chilli-ginger pickle 12, Preparation of fruit chutney 13. Preparation of tomato products (puree, ketchup);, 14. Canning of fruits and vegetables, 15. Cut out analysis of canned products 16. Dehydration of fruits and vegetables 17. Preparation of fruit wine (cider) 18. To study extension of vase life of flowers:, 19. Determination of moisture and total solids 20. Determination of minerals as total ash 21. Determination of total soluble solids (TSS) 22. Determination of titratable acidity 23. Determination of reducing and total sugarsby Nelson-Somogyi Method 24. Determination of ascorbic acid 25. Determination of specific gravity 26. Determination of