ISBN 9789380009612,Poverty Profile: Poems On Human Deprivation

Poverty Profile: Poems On Human Deprivation



Readworthy Publications Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9789380009612

ISBN-10 9380009615


Number of Pages 95 Pages
Language (English)


This collection of 70 poems captures the various facets of poverty. Whether it is in the context of employment, shelter, food, water, education and health, or it is in reference to self-respect and identity, these poems reflect the trials and tribulations of the poor and deprived. About the Author Arup Mitra is Professor of Economics, Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi. His research interest includes issues in development economics, urban economics, labour and welfare, industrialization and pro-poor growth and gender inequalities. Dr Mitra?s scholarly pursuits extend beyond economics, particularly in the fi eld of literature. He has to his credit three volumes of poems titled Awakening (1998), In Search of the Lotus-Feet (2002) and Light on the Lotus (2007), and a short fi ction, A Letter to Mother: From Destruction to Construction (2002). Table of Contents Portrait of Poverty Not Looking Back Drunken A Bucket of Water Moral Values Her Biography Urbanizing Poor Resilient Insurance A Moment of Eternity Lopsided Comfort Domestic Violence Interference Contract Boy Gardener Garbage Pickers Fired Dual Job Repentance Dignity Free from Poverty Redistribution Madonna An Ordinary End Impartiality Driven Away Constituency Mockery Inequality Undefeated Luxury Overpower Greatest Prayer Valueless Too Cool Fuel Crisis Rebel Easy Prey MLA-Sahib Civilization Thief Honesty Struggle Entertainment A Handful of Rice Negligence A Little Warmth Joy of Small Things Beloved Spouse Service Ever Obliged Leave Sincerity Upswing Fear Indifference Inadequacy Abuses Who Faultless Demolition Squad Resettlement Sincerest Efforts Unique Public Property Too Poor Perpetuation Child Marriage Black Vessel Fulfillment