ISBN 9788192022703,Power Brands 2010-2011

Power Brands 2010-2011


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Planman Media

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788192022703

ISBN-10 8192022706


Number of Pages 383 Pages
Language (English)

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Power Brands- A Brief It?s the first book in the world to come out in two different formats. Also is the first book on brands in the country made available to readers. A World Class designed and produced coffee table format for the book lovers and the influential?s and a corporate Edition for every person interested in Brands and Marketing. Power Brands India manifests the Most Powerful Brands of India. It is the most well written and admirably researched tome in India. The most attractive feature of Power Brands India is its unparalleled uniqueness of concept, style of writing and quality of production. Power Brands India is a power book to reflect the soul of each brand so as to bridge the gap between the perceptions of the consumer and the brands. Without a well crafted brand profile, a brand may not seem attractive enough to suit their best markets and fortify their presence amongst the consumers; hence it is adequate to carve a suitable brand perception in order to attract the respective target audience. Power Brands is a pristine initiative that will act as a strategic tool in reinforcing the supremacy, legacy, sustainability & credibility of brands. Power Brand is one of its kind both in terms of the desgining and the concept. We have conducted a nation wide research and determined top 180 brands which are high on Legacy, Recall and Impact. The research to list the top 200 Power Brands of India, national as well as international brands, was one of the most extensive surveys done pan India over a research base of 20 centres and 5000 respondents. It was the first brand study ever to encompass 9 different parameters to establish a brand's credibility. Parameters most essential to the survival, revival, growth and revolution of a brand. The parameters were; Brand Legacy - Trust, Image, Sustainability (sub parameters) Brand Recall - Awareness, Effectiveness and Perception (sub parameters) Brand Impact - Aspiration, Loyalty and Positioning (sub parameters) A brand study property for every enterprising brand to follow and refer to. These brands have then been meet and a different side to them is being showcased in the book. First time ever path breaking concepts like Power Meter, Lifecycle Meter, Follower ship Index, Positioning Matrix and the Peeping Toms have been included in the book. The book is high on design and has the most innovative design by Mr. Yogesh Gajwani. Starting from 3D innovations to that of pull outs, cut outs it has it all. This book is aimed at being a readers delight and keeps in mind the basis of book reading which is maximum information through attractive designing. The content has been made and written after meeting Chariman, CEO, brandowners of most companies in the book. Youth and the marketing professionals are its target audience between the age group of 23-45 years. It comes in two formats one which is a corporate edition priced at Rs.599 and the coffee table is priced at Rs. 5999. These books would be available at all premium bookstores. The reason this book is different then any other similar attempt, is the essence of each brand is not derived solely from its incorporator but its end user as well. It was always felt in the literate fraternity that a book is needed which is dedicated to the essence of brand building from the Indian perspective. India for any marketer has been a challenge and the same has been recreated through the numerous pages in POWER BRANDS 2010. Why POWER BRANDS is a great proposition Only book in two format catering to a different target market. The very innovative coffee table (mega version) priced at Rs. 5999 for the real brand enthusiasts and top corporate professionals. Corporate edition priced at Rs. 599 for students, corporate executives and others with more content for higher sales volume. Will be a highly marketed properly ensuring better sales response. For the first time in India, a book on the most powerful brands with case study. In the business books genre, books on brands attract the most readers.