ISBN 9780070671188,Power System Protection & Switchgear

Power System Protection & Switchgear



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780070671188

ISBN-10 0070671184


Number of Pages 504 Pages
Language (English)

Science fiction

The book offers a blend of application practices and theoretical concepts to comprehend the subject of power system protection. Theoretical support and mathematical background is given in the text to support key concepts. It provides an insight into the philosophy and requirements of relaying systems. The fundamentals and protective schemes for Generator, Transformer, Transmission Lines, Bus Zone and Induction Motor are discussed in detail in the book. Digital relays are introduced in the book for up to date coverage. Numerous solved examples, practice questions and objective type questions are given in the book for easy understanding of topics. Salient Features 1. Discussion on Circuit Breaking Fundamentals, Constructional Aspects and Testing of Circuit Breakers 2. Exclusive chapter on Digital Relay using Microprocessor and Digital Signal Processors for up to date coverage. 3. Real field data and system conditions given for relay setting calculations. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction and Philosophy of a Protective Relaying System 2. Electromagnetic Relays 3. Static Relays 4. Microprocessor-Based Digital Protection 5. Generator Protection 6. Transformer Protection 7. Protection of Transmission Lines by Over-current Relays 8. Protection of Transmission Lines by Distance Relays 9. Carrier Current Protection of Transmission Lines 10. Bus-zone Protection 11. Induction Motor Protection 12. Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance of Relays 13. Protective Current and Potential Transformers 14. Circuit Breaking Fundamentals 15. Electrical Switchgear 16. Short-Circuit Testing of Circuit Breakers 17. Lightning Over voltage Protection