ISBN 9788174092915,Power Transformers and Special Transformers

Power Transformers and Special Transformers


Sunil S. Rao


Khanna Publisher



Khanna Publisher

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788174092915

ISBN-10 8174092919

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Edition 4th
Number of Pages 684 Pages
Language (English)

Electronics engineering

Sailent features of this book include neat sketches, refrence tables, graphs, terms and definitions, specifications, theroy and practical aspects. This edition covers all most all practical aspects of applications, selection, manufacturing, testing, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of power transformers and special transformers, in a single volume. Care has been taken to cover advanced topics, recent development with essential fundamentals and theoretical inputs.

Table of Contents
*General background and recent advances *Construction, materials and production sequence of distribution transformers and large power transformers *EMF equation, voltage ratio and kVA ratings *Specification and ratings *Phasor diagrams and equivalent circuit diagrams *Impedance voltage and voltage regulation *Core losses, copper losses, efficiency and all day efficiency *Magnetic circuit and materials for laminationsm, types of cores *Transformer tanks and cooling systems *Audible noise and noise reduction *Types of windings for distribution transformers and large transformers *Insulation system, bushings shielded windings and transient voltage distribution *Transformer oil *Testing of transformers *Partial discharges and their location *Polarity, three-phase connections *Parallel operations of transformers *Tap-changer and voltage control *Loading of power transformers *Ordering, transportation, installation and site testing *Filtering of oil, filling of oil and drying-out *Maintenance of power transformers *Protection and fitments *Power transformers in substations and generating stations *Surge arrester protection *Neutral grounding, arc-suppression coil, third harmonic current flow and tertiary *Auto-Transformers *Neutral grounding transformers *Shunt reactors and series reactors *Distribution transformers *Current transformer (CTs) *Voltage Transformers *Other special transformers