ISBN 9788172344573,Powerplay: The Game Is On

Powerplay: The Game Is On



Fingerprint Publishing

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788172344573

ISBN-10 8172344570


Number of Pages 300 Pages
Language (English)

Action & Adventure

One man. One team. One game. Or not?

A shark at a consulting firm smells blood and circles in for the kill. His name: Vivek Grewal. His mission: to orchestrate an acquisition nobody saw coming. His target: a faltering IPL team. An introverted, idealistic employee with a no-nonsense attitude finds herself in troubled waters. Her name: Keya Singhal. Her desire: to fight for what is rightfully hers. Her aggressor: Vivek Grewal.

Adding to the mix are two powerhouses: a billionaire investor and the IPL teams captain.What happens when their worlds collide? Are things the way they seem to be or is there something sinister underfoot? From the author of Live from London comes this heady cocktail of raw ambition, unwavering ideals, vengeful betrayal, consuming love, and notorious scandals.

Once the lights go out in the stadium, which game kicks off behind the scenes? Amidst the corporate drama and a rickety romance, who will stand to lose it all and who will emerge unbeaten?

A gripping corporate thriller set on the backdrop of IPL.
Witty and easy to understand.
Has Romance and action in equal measure. A complete entertainer.

"Powerplay takes you on a journey of intrigue, passion, and ambition. Who would have thought the drive to acquire a cricket team can be as riveting unputdownable"Gaurav Kalra, CNN-IBN Sports Editor

"Witty, sinister, gripping. Powerplay is a complete entertainer"Ravi Subramanian, Best-Selling author, Crossword Book Award Winner