ISBN 9781741142839,Practice Skills in Social Work & Welfare: More than just common sense

Practice Skills in Social Work & Welfare: More than just common sense


Jane Maidment


Allen And Unwin



Allen And Unwin

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9781741142839

ISBN-10 1741142830


Number of Pages 328 Pages
Language (English)

Social work

Human service workers need more than just common sense. Practice Skills in Social Work and Welfare offers a comprehensive introduction to practice skills required across the human service sector. The authors use critical analysis to systematically outline the key stages of interaction with clients: engagement, assessment, intervention and evaluation. Drawing on a strengths approach, they examine the skills needed for working with different types of clients: individuals, families and community groups. They also explore the dilemmas faced in daily practice, including the challenges of working with involuntary clients, clients from different cultural backgrounds, and clients in crisis situations.

Practice Skills in Social Work and Welfare provides a model of integrated practice which incorporates the key components of ideology, theory, phase, skill and context. Detailed case studies demonstrate how welfare services can be delivered in different contexts.

Written by experienced teachers and practitioners from Australia and New Zealand, Practice Skills in Social Work and Welfare is a practical and user friendly text for students and reference for practitioners.

About the Author
Ronnie Egan has extensive experience as a social work practitioner and supervisor in the community sector. She currently lectures in social work at Victoria University, Melbourne. Jane Maidment has been a social work practitioner in mental health and has taught practice skills in Australia and New Zealand. She is Associate Professor in social work at Central Queensland University.

Table of Contents
Section 1 Preparing to Learn Practice Skills...
Introduction Jane Maidment & Ronnie Egan
Skills based learning Jane Maidment
Practice Approaches Marie Connolly
Preparing for practice Lesley Cooper & Daryle Rigney
Section 2 Phases of the Helping
Introduction to engagement
Ronnie Egan
Engaging with Clients in Different Contexts Helen Cleak & Ronnie Egan
Engagement with involuntary clients Chris Trotter
Introduction to assessment Jim Anglem & Jane Maidment
Conducting risk assessments Christine Morley
Assessment with families Yvonne Crichton Hill
Cross Cultural Perspectives in Mental Health Assessment Lynne Briggs
Introduction to Intervention Ronnie Egan
Facilitating change through group work
Ken McMaster
Using Constructive Challenge during Interventions Delia ODonohue