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Harper Collins

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789350290576

ISBN-10 935029057X


Number of Pages 435 Pages
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About the Book: .. and Pran

Veteran Bollywood actor Pran, who made a mark for himself portraying strong negative and supporting roles, passed away on today’s evening. Pran has been known for remarkable roles in Bollywood hits like Zanjeer, Don, Amar Akbar Anthony, among hundreds others.

The industry had started calling him 'Pran Sahab'.His favourite line "Barkhurdaar" became immensely popular……..!

The riveting life story of Indian cinema’s most memorable villain For the better part of the twentieth century, he was recognised as the eponymous ‘bad man’ of Indian cinema. Whether a sadistic despot or a malicious village bully, a dissolute city animal or a wicked anti-national, Pran portrayed the infinite shades of evil with consummate ease. Such was the impact that for over three decades after Independence, almost no male child was named Pran, because he was ‘branded’ as the personification of evil.

While Pran perfected the art of portraying evil in all its dimensions, he also immortalized the ‘good’ image in some of the most memorable characterization ever seen on the Indian screen. Whatever the role, each performance was suffused with originality and imagination. By his use of highly stylized mannerism, unusual getups, realistic make-up and different accents, Pran succeeded in rising above the ordinary, in turning stereotypes into unforgettable characters.

This biography unveils the life and times of one of India’s most important actors. Not only does it bring to light a career that spans more than six decades and 350 films, but it also presents an intimate portrait of the man behind the image.

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