ISBN 9788172932060,Pratham Pratisruti

Pratham Pratisruti



Mitra & Ghosh Publishers Pvt. Ltd.

Publication Year 1976

ISBN 9788172932060

ISBN-10 8172932065


Language (Bengali)

Contemporary Fiction

Pratham Pratisruti (Bengali) is based on the life of three generations of women, the first one being Satyavatie, who is married off by her father, after being educated. She now desires to educate her daughter as well, just as she was. However, her beliefs are contrary to the mindset of most individuals of those times. The British are trying to slowly dominate the scene in India and they fail to tackle the issue of child marriage. Child marriages were a common practice and it is highly risky to have a grown up daughter. Satyavatie makes it clear to her family that they are not going to get her daughter married until she reaches a mature age and completes her schooling. However, Satyavatie’s mother-in-law is dead against her decision and one day, takes the child out for a few days on the pretext of a vacation. Satyavatie’s mother-in-law then gets young child married off, without Satyavatie knowing about it. By the time she arrives at the scene, her daughter is already married. Satyavatie’s daughter, Suvarnalata, grows up in her in-laws’ house, facing the taunts about her mother’s strange behavior. Even though Suvarnalata has no education to brag about, she grows up to be even more headstrong than her mother, fighting the cause of not marrying off her daughter early, who is the third woman. She stands up to her mother-in-law, society, and even her own sons, whose mindset is that girls should be married off as children. This novel is a stunning piece of literature, by which Devi presents the readers with insights into the social injustice that prevailed in society in her time. However, she does not lash out at any section of society in her novel. Pratham Pratisruti (Bengali) was greatly appreciated by its readers and fetched Devi the Jnanpith Award in 1976. About Ashapoorna Devi Ashapoorna Devi was a poet and novelist. Devi wrote Prem O Proyojon, Sthan Kaal Patra, and Chosma Palte Jai. Devi was born in Potoldanga, Calcutta, India. Although she did not receive any formal education, she was self-educated. Through the course of her literary career, Devi had written around 242 novels, 62 children’s books, and more than 3000 short stories. She was presented with the Lila Prize and the Jagattarini Gold Medal, both from the University of Calcutta. She was also awarded the Sahitya Akademi and the Padma Shri, by the Government of India. Devi passed away on 13th July, 1995.