ISBN 9788131525081,Precision Machining Technology

Precision Machining Technology



Cengage Learning

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788131525081

ISBN-10 8131525082


Number of Pages 768 Pages
Language (English)

Mechanical engineering

Carefully written to align with the Machining Level I Standard and to support achievement of the National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS) credentials, Precision Machining Technology, SI Edition carries the exclusive endorsement of the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) which recommends this book for use in NIMS-accredited Machining Level I Programs. It is the ideal book to introduce readers to the excitement of today's machine tool industry and provides a good understanding of fundamental and intermediate machining skills needed for successful twenty first century careers. With an emphasis on safety with many caution boxes throughout the book to remind readers about necessary precautions, it offers a fresh view of the role of modern machining in today's economic environments and covers such topics as the basics of hand tools, job planning, benchwork, layout operations, drill press and milling and grinding processes. The book concludes with a section on Computer Numerical Control (CNC), which presents the world of high-tech automated processes and provides many examples of CNC programming for machining and turning centers, as well as use of tooling.
Table of contents :-
Section 1: Introduction to Machining

1. Introduction to Machining
2. Careers in Machining
3. Workplace Skills

Section 2: Measurement, Materials and Safety

1. Introduction to Safety
2. Measurement Systems and Machine Tool Math Overview
3. Semi - Precision Measurement
4. Precision Measurement
5. Quality Assurance, Process Planning and Quality Control
6. Metal Composition and Classification
7. Heat Treatment of Metals
8. Maintenance, Lubrication and Cutting Fluid Overview

Section 3: Job Planning, Benchwork and Layout

1. Understanding Drawings
2. Layout
3. Hand Tools (Safety Integration)
4. Saws and Cut-off Machine
5. Offhand Grinding
6. Drilling, Treading, Tapping and Reaming

Section 4: Drill Press

1. Introduction to the Drill Press
2. Tools, Toolholding and Workholding for the Drill Press
3. Drill Press Operation

Section 5: Turning

1. Introduction to the Lathe
2. Workholding and Toolholding Devices for the Lathe
3. Machining Operations on the Lathe
4. Manual Lathe Threading
5. Taper Turning

Section 6: Milling

1. Introduction to the Vertical Milling Machine
2. Tools, Toolholding and Workholding for the Vertical Milling Machine
3. Vertical Milling Machine Operations
4. Indexing and Rotary Table Operations

Section 7: Grinding

1. Introduction to Precision Grinding Machines
2. Grinding Wheels for Precision Grinding
3. Surface Grinding Operations

Section 8: Computer Numerical Control

1. CNC Basics
2. Introduction to CNC Turning
3. CNC Turning - Programming
4. CNC Turning - Set-up and Operation
5. Introduction to CNC Milling
6. CNC Milling - Programming
7. CNC Milling - Set-up and Operation
8. Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Machining