ISBN 9781848000209,Precision Motion Control : Design and Implementation

Precision Motion Control : Design and Implementation






Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9781848000209

ISBN-10 1848000200

Hard Back

Number of Pages 262 Pages
Language (English)

Mechanical engineering

Manufacturing in Europe is under great pressure from structural changes in the global economy. The high technical, social and cultural standards in Europe mean that our manufacturing enterprises lead the world but inevitably production and consumption continues to migrate to regions that allow higher profitability from lower costs of production with the promise of new markets. Structural changes in European industries will influence employment and welfare. However, there are signs of a new High-Adding-Value industrial revolution. This book has the answers that will allow us to avoid the negative consequences of this migration. A new model of future manufacturing – ManuFuture - has been forged in discussion with the world’s leading scientists in manufacturing and many experts from research, industry and economic policy. The results of this, the road to competitive and sustainable manufacturing, are captured in this fundamental book. The generic Model of ManuFuture, a Vision 2020 and a Strategic Research Agenda and the proactive initiatives required are presented here. They show the approach to manufacturing in the age of knowledge and the actions that must be taken.