ISBN 9781903996409,Prediction Of Defects In Material Processing

Prediction Of Defects In Material Processing


P Poitou


Viva Books



Viva Books

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9781903996409

ISBN-10 1903996406

Hard Back

Number of Pages 376 Pages
Language (English)

Engineering: general

The main objectives of theoretical and applied research in material forming processes are the prediction of defects that can occur and the evaluation of straining effects in manufactured products, both of which are of economic importance. Significant progress has been made in the last two decades. This has been based on mathematical damage models and new bifurcation and instability theories, as well as computer techniques based essentially on finite element methods. This publication focuses on advanced methods for predicting and avoiding the occurrence of defects in manufactured products. It covers the major manufacturing operations, and considers conventional and new materials such as metal alloys, ceramics, composites and polymers. Topics presented include microstructural evolutions during processing, induced properties in some materials, damage modeling and fracture criteria, instability analysis, specific methods for the prediction of defects, and influence of defects on the integrity of structures. The book also covers a number of research trends that are still being developed, such as the development of micromechanical damage models, micromechanical analysis of fracture mechanisms and criteria, damage modeling of free surface and interface elements, and computer methods for estimation of residual strength of damaged structures or the fatigue limit