ISBN 9780071313674,Prescott's Microbiology

Prescott's Microbiology



McGraw-Hill Education

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780071313674

ISBN-10 0071313672


Edition 8th
Language (English)


The author team of Prescott?s Microbiology continues the tradition of past editions by providing a balanced, comprehensive introduction to all major areas of microbiology. Because of this balance, Microbiology is appropriate for microbiology majors and mixed majors courses. The new authors have focused on readability, artwork, and the integration of several key themes (including evolution, ecology and diversity) throughout the text, making an already superior text even better.
Table of contents :-
Part I: Introduction to Microbiology

1. The Evolution of Microorganisms and Microbiology
2. Microscopy
3. Bacteria and Archaea
4. Eukaryotic Microbial Structure and Function
5. Viruses and Other Acellular Infectious Agents

Part II: Microbial Nutrition, Growth, and Control

6. Microbial Nutrition
7. Microbial Growth and Reproduction
8. Control of Microorganisms in the Environment

Part III: Microbial Metabolism

9. Introduction to Metabolism
10. Catabolism: Energy Release and Conservation
11. Anabolism: The Use of Energy in Biosynthesis

Part IV: Microbial Molecular Biology and Genetics

12. Genes: Structure, Replication, and Expression
13. Regulation of Cellular Processes
14. Mechanisms of Genetic Variation
15. Recombinant DNA Technology
16. Microbial Genomics

Part V: The Diversity of the Microbial World

17. Microbial Taxonomy and the Evolution of Diversity
18. The Archaea
19. The Deinococci and Nonproeobacteria Gram Negatives
20. The Proteobacteria
21. The Low G + C Gram-Positive Bacteria: The Firmicutes
22. The High G + C Gram-Positive Bacteria: The Actinobacteria
23. The Protists
24. The Fungi
25. The Viruses

Part VI: Ecology and Symbiosis

26. Biogeochemical Cycling
27. Methods in Microbial Ecology
28. Microorganisms in Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems
29. Microorganisms in Terrestrial Ecosystems
30. Microbial Interactions

Part VII: Pathogenicity and Host Response

31. Infection and Pathogenicity
32. Nonspecific (Innate) Host Resistance
33. Specific (Adaptive) Immunity

Part VIII: Microbial Diseases, Detection, and their Control

34. Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
35. Clinical Microbiology and Immunology
36. Epidemiology and Public Health Microbiology
37. Human Diseases Caused by Viruses and Prions
38. Human Diseases Caused by Bacteria
39. Human Diseases Caused by Fungi and Protists

Part IX: Applied Microbiology

40. Microbiology of Food
41. Industrial Microbiology
42. Applied Environmental Microbiology

Appendix I: A Review of the Chemistry of Biological Molecules
Appendix II: Common Metabolic Pathways