ISBN 9780071072496,Principles And Applications Of Electrical Engineering

Principles And Applications Of Electrical Engineering



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780071072496

ISBN-10 0071072497


Edition 5th
Number of Pages 694 Pages
Language (English)


Principles and Applications of Electrical Engineering encompasses a combination of analytical and computational tools to present the subject to those taking a course of Basic Electrical Engineering. This book is designed to impart interactive and creative understanding. The content has been categorized under Circuits, Electronics and Electromechanics to facilitate modular teaching and learning. Salient Features Extensive use of practical and interesting applications from all areas of engineering to illustrate principles Principles of electrical engineering presented with a combination of analytical and computational tools Pedagogy: Exercises: 731 Solved Examples: 163 Check your understanding problems: 141 Illustrations: 934 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction to Electrical Engineering PART I CIRCUITS 2. Fundamentals of Electric Circuits 3. Resistive Network Analysis 4. AC Network Analysis 5. Transient Analysis 6. Frequency Response and System Concepts 7. AC Power PART II ELECTRONICS 8. Electronic Instrumentation and Measurements PART III ELECTROMECHANICS 9. Principles of Electromechanics 10. Introduction to Electric Machines 11. Special-Purpose Electric Machines Appendices Appendix A Linear Algebra and Complex Numbers Appendix B The Laplace Transform Appendix C Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Examination Appendix D Answers to Selected Problems