ISBN 9780070144712,Principles Of Compiler Design

Principles Of Compiler Design



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780070144712

ISBN-10 0070144710


Language (English)

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Designed as an introductory text on compilers, this book provides a right mix of theory and practice for compiler construction. Salient Features Uses Bottom-Up Approach?gradual movement of topics from basic to advanced level. Explains Code Optimization with both global and local perspective. Covers Lexical, Syntax and Semantic Analysis in separate chapters. Substantiate every concept using C Programming examples. Explains Target Code Optimization using x86 Target Code Generator. Pedagogy include: 40 Solved examples 190 Review questions 37 Algorithms Table of content :- Chapter 1. Compilers?An Introduction Chapter 2. Lexical Analysis Chapter 3. Syntax Analysis Chapter 4. Semantic Analysis Chapter 5. Intermediate Code Generation Chapter 6. Target Code Generation Chapter 7. Code Optimisation