ISBN 9780199249398,Principles of Development

Principles of Development



Oxford University Press

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9780199249398

ISBN-10 0199249393


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 568 Pages
Language (English)

General science

Written by a team of distinguished authors led by Lewis Wolpert one of the most influential developmental biologists of this century, this is a new and revised edition of the best-selling and popular textbook Principles of Development. It is designed for undergraduates and emphasizes principles and key concepts. Central to the authors' approach is the idea that understanding how genes control cell behavior is the key to understanding development. They assume that students are familiar with the basics of cell biology and genetics but provide thorough explanations of all key concepts in the text, like the control of gene activity. Instead of covering every aspect of developmental biology, the authors focus on those systems that best illuminate common principles. The theme of their book is that universal principles govern the process of development. The text also focuses on vertebrates and Drosophila, but without excluding other systems, such as the nematode and the sea urchin. Another important feature of the book is the inclusion of the development of plants--usually neglected in other textbooks--which has unique and important features.