ISBN 9788183762915,Principles Of Economics

Principles Of Economics


Abd Publishers



Abd Publishers

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788183762915

ISBN-10 8183762913

Hard Back

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The impartial observer can have no doubt about the reason our generation pays general and enthusiastic tribute to progress in the field of the natural sciences, which economic science receives little attention and its value is seriously questioned by the very men in society to whom it should provide a guide form practical action. Never was there an age that placed economic interests higher than does out own. Never was the need of a scientific foundation for economic affairs felt more generally or more acutely. And never was the ability of practical men to utilize the achievements of science, in all fields of human activity, greater than in our day. If practical men, therefore, rely wholly on their own experience, and disregard our science in its present state of development, it cannot be due to a lack of serious interest or ability on their part. Nor can their disregard be the result of a haughty rejection of the deeper insight. A true science would give into the circumstances the outcome of their activity. This book provides deep insight into various dimensions of issues relating to the subject.