ISBN 9788126529339,Principles Of Electric Machines With Power Electronic Applications, 2Nd Ed

Principles Of Electric Machines With Power Electronic Applications, 2Nd Ed



Wiley India Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788126529339

ISBN-10 8126529334


Number of Pages 496 Pages
Language (English)

Power Electronics

Chapter 1: Introduction. Electric Machines. Roots in Observation. Beginnings. Foundations of Electromagnetism. The Dawn of Electrodynamics. Early Electric Generators. Early Electric Motors. Alternating Current. Power Electronics: Scope and a Brief History. Structure of the Power System. Outline of the Text. Chapter 2: Principles of Electromagnetism and Electromechanical Energy Conversion. Magnetic-Field Laws. Permeability and Magnetic-Field Intensity. Magnetic Circuits. Flux Linkages, Induced Voltages, Inductance, and Energy. Hysteresis Loop. Eddy-Current and Core Losses. Energy Flow Approach. Field Energy. Multiply Excited Systems. Reluctance Motors. Doubly Excited Systems. Salient-Pole Machines. Round or Smooth Air-Gap Machines. Machine-Type Classification. P-Pole Machines. Chapter 3: Power Electronic Devices and Systems. Power Semiconductor Devices. Control Characteristics of Power Devices. Power Transistors. The Thyristors. Power Electronic Systems. Power Integrated Circuits and Smart Power. Chapter 4: Direct-Current Motors. Construction Features. Circuit Model of dc Generator. Circuit Model of dc Motors. dc Series Motors. dc Shunt Motors. Motor and Load Matching. Conventional Speed Control of dc Motors. Reversal of Direction of Rotation. Starting dc Motors. Adjustable Speed dc Motor Drives. ac-dc Drives for dc Motors. dc-dc Drives for dc Motors. Chapter 5: Transformers. Ideal Transformers. Transformer Models. Transformer Performance Measures. Single-Phase Connections. Three-Winding Transformers. Three-Phase Systems and Transformer Connections. Autotransformers. Chapter 6: Induction Motors and Their Control. MMF Waves and the Rotating Magnetic Field. Slip. Equivalent Circuits. Simplified Equivalent Circuits. Torque Characteristics. Some Useful Relations. Internal Mechanical Power. Effects of Rotor Impedance. Classification of Induction Motors. Starting Induction Motors. Conventional Speed Control of Induction Motors. Adjustable Speed Drives: General Considerations. Variable-Voltage - Constant-Frequency Drives. Variable-Voltage - Variable-Frequency Drives. dc-Link-Converter Drives. Voltage-Fed Inverter Drives. Current-Fed Inverter Drives. Cycloconverter Drives. Regulation of Slip Power. Chapter 7: Synchronous Machines. Round-Rotor Machines: Equivalent Circuit. Armature Reaction. Principal Steady-State Characteristics. Power Angle Characteristics and the Infinite-Bus Concept. Synchronous-Motor Operation. Salient-Pole Machines. Chapter 8: Fractional-Horsepower Alternating Current Motors. Rotating Magnetic Fields in Single-Phase Induction Motors. Equivalent Circuits for Single-Phase Induction Motors. Power and Torque Relations. Starting Single-Phase Induction Motors. Bibliography.