ISBN 9780070667556,Principles Of Electronic Communication Systems

Principles Of Electronic Communication Systems



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780070667556

ISBN-10 0070667551


Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 900 Pages
Language (English)

Electronics & Communication Engineering

n a fast progressing world, quick communication is very important. Principles of Electronic Communication Systems (SIE) deals with the Electrical and Electronic principles, Circuits, Equipment and systems, and how they help in better communication. The authors begin with an Introduction to Electronic Communication, The Significance of Human Communication, the Different Types of Electronic Communications, Multiplexing, Modulation and Communication systems. Chapters on the fundamentals of Electronics, Amplitude Modulation and its Fundamentals, the Fundamentals of Frequency Modulation, Multiplexing, Demultiplexing and the Transmission of Binary Data in Communication systems are included. Principles of Electronic Communication Systems (SIE) also tackles concepts like Transmission Lines, Communication Tests and Measurements, Internet Technologies, Telecommunication Systems, Microwave Communication, Satellite Communication, and Optical Communication. Cell phone and Wireless technologies, Radio Transmitters, FM Circuits, the Transmission of the Binary Data in Communication Systems and Communication Receivers, Antennas and Wave Propagation are also discussed. This edition includes updates of the section on applications and filters. The authors have also included expanded coverage of GPS, MIMO, and Storage area networks. Each of the chapters include the "Pioneers of the Electronics" articles, chapter wise summaries, the key terms, the objectives of each chapter, critical thinking, and many important questions and solutions related to each topic. The book is peppered with many tables and illustrations that make the concepts easier to understand. Written in an accessible and simple format, Principles of Electronic Communication Systems (SIE) follows a step-by-step format which is highly useful for the students. Published in 2012, the book has sufficient study material for the students of electronic communications. About the author :- A program coordinator, writer, and professor, Louis E. Frenzel has over 30 years of experience in the electronics and communication field. He has authored more than 15 books including Communication Electronics, Crash Course In Electronics Technology, Getting Acquainted With Microcomputer, Communication Electronics: Principles and Applications, Contemporary Electronics: Fundamentals, Devices, and Circuits And Systems. He completed his education from Capitol College and University of Maryland. He has an AAS degree in Electronic Technology and MEd in Technical Education. Born in Texas, Louis is now settled in Texas with his wife. When he is not busy with his research and writing, he enjoys country music and reading.