ISBN 9780070648203,Principles Of Electronic Materials & Devices

Principles Of Electronic Materials & Devices



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780070648203

ISBN-10 0070648204


Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 881 Pages
Language (English)

Science fiction

Designed for the first course on Electronic Materials for Electronics and Electrical Engineering students at the undergraduate level, this text has broad coverage of properties of electronic materials that today's engineers need. Numerous worked examples, practice problems, illustrations and photographs make this a very student friendly book. In addition to this the book meets the requirements of general solid state physics and devices & basic Electronics course. Key features Emphasis on Physical ideas: Principles have been developed with emphasis on physical ideas. Involves minimum mathematics making this a student friendly book. Appendices on two important topics given : Bragg's X Ray and Luminous Flux (Brightness) Discussions on diffusion, conduction in thin films, electro migration, Giant Magneto Resistance (GMR), magnetic data storage, luminescence and white LEDs present. Pedagogy includes: Solved Examples: 170 Practice Problems : 250 Illustrations: 530. Table of content :- Chapter 1. Elementary Materials Science Concepts Chapter 2. Electrical and Thermal conduction in Solids Chapter 3. Elementary Quantum Physics Chapter 4. Modern Theory of Solids Chapter 5. Semiconductors Chapter 6. Semiconductor Devices Chapter 7. Dielectric Materials and Insulation Chapter 8. Magnetic Properties and Superconductivity Chapter 9. Optical Properties of Materials Appendixes: Appendix A: Bragg's Diffraction Law and X-ray Diffraction Appendix B: Flux, Luminous Flux and the Brightness of Radiation Appendix C: Major Symbols and Abbreviations Appendix D: Elements of Uranium Appendix E: Constants and Useful Information