ISBN 9780199228621,Principles Of Geographical Information Systems

Principles Of Geographical Information Systems



Oxford University Press India

Publication Year 1998

ISBN 9780199228621

ISBN-10 0199228620

Paper Back

Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 352 Pages
Language (English)

Geographical information systems (GIS)

Principles of Geographical Information Systems, co - authored by Peter Burrough and Rachael A McDonnel, is the new edition of the book Principles of Graphical Information Systems for Land Resource Assessment, which was published in the year 1986. Today, Geographical Information System is an important guide for managing our social and physical environment and is not just a tool for map - making electronically.

Geographical Information System is used as tools for assisting political decisions and play an important role in market research, automated navigation systems, managing the utility services and in many other diverse fields.

The book explains the two types of spatial data. It also covers how a wide range of practical problems can be solved by using the spatial data through the analysis of their spatial interactions. The practical problems can differ from analysis through land degradation done on - site, redistributing the Chernobyl radioactivity by floods or optimisation of timber extractions from forests.

The book pays detailed attention to problems that occur in the quality of data and how the results of spatial modelling can be affected by statistical errors in this data that depend on the two paradigms of space. The book ends with a detailed analysis of the current developments in providing spatial data for the entire world through the Internet.

Principles of Geographical Information Systems was published by OUP in the year 2007. The book is available in paperback. This book is meant for students and professionals in the fields of hydrology, physical and human geography, geology, environmental science, land evaluation and many other fields.