ISBN 9788181891822,Principles Of Immunology Student?S Compendium

Principles Of Immunology Student?S Compendium


Ibdc Publishers



Ibdc Publishers

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788181891822

ISBN-10 8181891821

Hard Back

Language (English)

Medicine: general issues

The field of Immunology has undergone a period of explosive growth since the past twenty years. Immunology is now in an epoch of creative fervour that can be linked to the heroic decades when different pioneer scientists like Louis Pasteur, Robert Koch and their colleagues built the foundation of Microbiology. Immunology is deepening our understanding of disease processes and providing new diagnostic and therapeutics approaches, such as monoclonal antibodies which serve as an important tool for highly specific detectors of pathogenic micro-organisms, tissue damage, cancer and probe to detect differences in various antigens.

The impact of immunology can well be exemplified by small pox eradication and various beneficial effects of vaccine for the control of dreadful epidemics of humans and livestock. Vaccine has become prisoner of their own success. A genuine renaissance in vaccinology research has brought forward what could be termed as a surfeit of riches. The most powerful development of all DNA vaccines have made their explosive entry, possibly signalling a revolution in the science of vaccine based on their ease of production, stability and simplicity of combination. Host parasite relationship has been extensively dealt with to understand our protective force in relation to the forces found in the armamentarium of our enemy. Specific relevant information have been given in all the chapters.