ISBN 9788120338166,Problem Solving With C

Problem Solving With C



PHI learning Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788120338166

ISBN-10 8120338162


Number of Pages 496 Pages
Language (English)

Computer programming

This compact and student-friendly text provides a solid programming foundation to solve problems with C language, through its well-supported structured programming methodology, rich set of operators and data types. The book is designed to help students build efficient and compact programs. It is a thoroughly revised and extended version of the author's previous title Programming in C, now entitled Problem Solving with C. In addition to the three newly added chapters (Problem Solving using Computers, Programming at Bit Level, and Miscellaneous Features), all other chapters of the previous book have also been thoroughly revised. This book comes with an increased number of examples, example-programs, review questions and programming exercises, and true/false questions in each chapter, and a glossary of key terminologies at the end of the book. The book is eminently suitable for students of Computer Science, Computer Applications, and Information Technology at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Assuming no previous knowledge of programming techniques, this book is appropriate for all those students who wish to master the C language as a problem solving tool for application in their respective disciplines. It even caters to the needs of those who are first time computer programmers. Key Features : Introduction to problem solving tools like algorithms, flowcharts and pseudocodes Systematic approach to teaching C with lucid explanation of each concept Expanded coverage of arrays, structures, pointers and files Complete explanation of working of each program with emphasis on the core segment of the programs, supported by a large number of solved example programs and programming exercises in each chapter.