ISBN 9780070702752,Problems And Solutions In Basic Electronics

Problems And Solutions In Basic Electronics



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780070702752

ISBN-10 0070702756


Number of Pages 480 Pages
Language (English)

Electronics engineering

The Problems and Solutions suite of books is designed to make learning smart and effortless especially in subjects that are highly numerical. The Problems and Solutions in Electromagnetics is a treasure trove in quality numericals, which have been solved step-wise and presented in an approachable manner to the students. It is best suited for those who: a) wish to revise important formulae at the thirteenth hour b) tend to forget concepts that are sure to appear as short questions or part questions c) feel confident of solving problems when all steps are shown d) are preparing for competitive examinations like GATE and IES Salient Features Over 300 numericals solved for a wide range of problems on principles and concepts Highly illustrative, step-wise problem solving approach About 150 review numericals modeled on frequently asked examination questions provided with final answers. Important concepts enumerated in Question and Answer format Important formulae enlisted with every chapter Exhaustive Question Bank provided, modeled on previous years University examinations and GATE and IES entrance question patterns TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Semiconductors 3. Diode Theory 4. Diode Circuits 5. Special-Purpose Diodes 6. Bipolar Transistor 7. Transistor Fundamentals 8. Transistor Biasing 9. AC Models 10. Voltage Amplifiers 11. Power Amplifiers 12. Emitter Followers 13. FETs 14. MOSFETs 15. Thyristors 16. Frequency Effects 17. Differential Amplifiers 18. Operational Amplifiers 19. Negative Feedback 20. Linear Op-Amp Circuits 21. Active Filters 22. Nonlinear op-Amp Circuits 23. Oscillators 24. Regulated Power Supplies