ISBN 9788178356778,Problems of Rural Aged

Problems of Rural Aged



Kalpaz Publications

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788178356778

ISBN-10 8178356775

Hard Back

Number of Pages 264 Pages
Language (English)


Ageing is a universal and irreversible process. The rate of ageing is not uniform but different from individual to individual. Getting old is the result of the interplay of biological, sociological, psychological, and ecological factors. The interaction of declining fertility and mortality regimes governs the pace of population of ageing. This faster pace of demographic transition in developing countries has resulted in a growth of the aged population not only in proportion to that of the developed countries, but also in absolute numbers. India is a country with a fine tradition of respecting, loving and supporting the aged. As a result of modernization, urbanization and globalization the values and life styles are changing which is affecting the care of the aged and problems of aged are alarmingly increasing. The present volume highlights that each applied discipline is important and when development plans are drawn at different level, the potentialities of the contribution of the aged should be taken into account. This volume will provide them with a will to live with a holistic attitude. This volume would provide guideline to Sociologists, Social Workers, Gerontologists, Demographers, Social Scientist, Medical Scientists, Planners and Policy makers for developing action and academic programmers for the cause and care of elderly population in Rural, Urban and Tribal areas of the country. This volume would pave the way to cater the needs of the aged and also for the welfare of the aged in the country.