ISBN 9788126524471,Process Equipment Design

Process Equipment Design







Wiley India Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788126524471

ISBN-10 8126524472


Number of Pages 420 Pages
Language (English)

Chemical Engineering, General

PROCESS EQUIPMENT DESIGN 1ST EDITION (PAPERBACK) PRICE: RS.328 Brownell and Young’s Process Equipment Design 01 Edition is a comprehensive book on the end to end process of designing various equipment used in a wide range of processes. It comprises of different factors and criteria that are involved and to be met, while designing these equipment. Cylindrical vessels with different specifications of roofs and bottoms; maintaining proportion; selection of appropriate materials and maintaining various physical factors like pressure, are explained for a clear understanding of design process. It also includes the designing process of multi-layered vessels. This book is essential for students who opt for Process Equipment Design for various exams. About the authors Lloyd Earl Browne has authored books like Radiation Uses in Industry and Science, Gamma-Ray Sprout Inhibition of Potatoes, Radioisotope Technology: Manual for AEC - NSF Institute, Designs for Potato Irradiation Facilities and Utilization of Gross Fission Products: Summary Report among other works. Edwin Harold Young has authored books like The Condensing of Low Pressure Steam on Horizontal Titanium Tubes, Use of Finned Tubes in Condensing Butyl Heads and Isopropyl Alcohol and The Bond Resistance of Type L/C Bimetal Tubes with Steel Liners among other works.